Our mediation service provides a quick and cost-effective way of resolving all kinds of sports disputes where it is important for the resolution to remain confidential and for the relationship between the parties to be preserved. Mediation is led by a neutral facilitator who works collaboratively with the parties to reach a joint settlement. 

The service includes:

  • Appointment of an experienced mediator who has a good understanding of sport
  • Assistance in setting up and organising a mediation via our mediation procedure and mediation agreement
  • Assistance in finalising a settlement agreement between the parties
  • Use of our purposely-designed mediation centre

Examples of sports disputes that we have successfully resolved by mediation include:

  • Termination of coaching contracts
  • Deterioration of relationships within the board room or dressing room
  • Issues arising from commercial contracts and agreements
  • Rights and entitlements to govern sport and competitions
  • Discrimination issues
  • Safeguarding children in sport issues