Sport Resolutions Annual Conference 2019 | Session Announcement

Sport Resolutions Annual Conference 2019 | Session Announcement

The benefits of sport are well recognised and there is often a push to encourage more people, from more backgrounds, to engage in sport or physical activity.

Is the sad truth, however, that sport is not that welcoming, particularly for those in minority groups? How can it be that a leading Premiership football player has openly stated that he will be glad when his career ends due to the incessant racial abuse he endures? What does this say about sport, or those who claim to be followers of sport? 

Of the hundreds of thousands of rugby and football players in the UK, only a handful are comfortable and confident to be open about their homosexuality. We all know that there must be many more gay players but what is it about the climate of modern sport that precludes openness?

This session will look at the perennial issue of homophobia and racism in sport and will explore why we are still having to discuss these issues when society, it is claimed, is ever more liberal and tolerant. Is this a problem with the players and participants, or is the issue actually with those who watch from the side-lines? Is the answer simply education or do we need significant and robust responses from governing bodies?

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