Sport Resolutions Annual Conference 2017 - 2 Weeks to Go!

Sport Resolutions Annual Conference 2017 - 2 Weeks to Go!

Today, 20 April 2017, marks 2 weeks to go until the Sport Resolutions Annual Conference 2017 in association with Winston & Strawn LLP, and excitement continues to grow as the Conference is due to return on the 4th of May with a bigger and even better production.

The Conference will once again be staged at the five-star Grange St. Pauls London hotel, and brings together sport and law professionals to debate the big issues that create conflict and disputes in sport. 2017 themes include: Equality in Sport, Anti-Doping and Athlete Transition.


SESSION 1: Duty of Care Review and Athlete Transition, presented by 39 Essex Chambers

Part 1: To what extent is sport responsible for players and participants? Is the concept of a “Duty of Care” misplaced in a sporting context or does sport have a wide ranging responsibility to ensure that participants are safe and supported at all times? Has the mantra of “No Compromise” resulted in an environment where the welfare and rights of athletes are secondary to medal success? The session will examine the background leading up to the Duty of Care review and will explore the findings of the wide ranging consultation process conducted by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson.

Part 2: There is a widely held view that elite athletes are highly paid individuals who enjoy every privilege and luxury in the pursuit of medal success before transition in to an easy life and comfortable retirement. Is this the case for those who retire from sport or is the reality somewhat different? What happens when a career is cut short by injury? Are athletes equipped to deal with the enormity of the change from a life that is 100% focussed on sport to one where sport plays no part at all? We will hear from athletes who have made that transition to understand the difficulties faced on that journey, and consider whether preparation for life after sport should become an integral part of all elite training programmes.

Speakers include: Sarah Cecil, Gail Emms MBE, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, Michael Jamieson, Leon Lloyd and William Norris QC.​ Click here for speaker profiles.

SESSION 2:   Anti-Doping in 2017: Are the Cheats Still Winning? presented by 4 New Square

In the last year stories about doping are rarely out of the news. The revelations in the McLaren Report meant a sharp focus being placed on Russia amid allegations of state-sponsored cheating, resulting in the IOC and IPC taking differing stances on whether Russian athletes competed in Rio. Athletes continue to be banned when samples from previous Games are re-analysed and closer to home, questions are being asked about whether the TUE system is being abused and/or is fit for purpose.

Are the cheats still ahead of the game? Does the entire system need to be overhauled? Can a global Code work when it is seemingly not applied in a common way?

This session brings together leading figures to look at the current anti-doping climate and will assess whether the approach to anti-doping should be radically altered in light of recent events.

Speakers include: Tyler Hamilton, Dr Lex Mauger, Dr Mayur Ranchordas, Daniel Saoul, Kelly Sotherton and Jonathan Taylor QC.Click here for speaker profiles.​

SESSION 3:   Gender and the Level Playing Field, presented by Winston & Strawn LLP

Part 1: Since the emergence of Caster Semenya, the world has become familiar with the word “hyperandrogenism”. Debate continues to rage about how female athletes with resultant elevated testosterone levels should be treated and whether conditions should be imposed on their eligibility to compete. Dutee Chand’s recent case before the CAS has resulted in the abandonment of the IAAF’s upper testosterone limit test, with the Federation due to return to the same court imminently to provide evidence and justification for its eligibility regulations. This session aims to review the hyperandrogenism condition and will explore what, if any, rules need to be in place for athletes to compete, and to what extent, if at all, the condition actually provides any advantage to an athlete. 

Part 2: In recent weeks, the Republic of Ireland’s women’s football team threatened to strike because of alleged poor treatment. This is but the latest example of women in many sports claiming that they receive lesser treatment than their male counterparts, in areas such as access to facilities, equipment, training and support. Is it too convenient to say that commercial realities dictate such things or do women too often experience a different reality based solely on their gender?

Speakers include: Jim Bunting, Dr Silvia Camporesi, Gail Emms MBE, Anna Kessel MBE, Jeffrey Kessler, Dr María José Martínez-Patiño and Annamarie Phelps CBE. Click here for speaker profiles.​


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