Rugby Football Union have published the 17/18 anti-doping report

Rugby Football Union have published the 17/18 anti-doping report

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) Anti-Doping Advisory Group have released the 2017-18 anti-doping annual report for rugby in England.

The report covers both professional and community rugby and demonstrates the commitment to protecting the integrity and values of the game. It is the eighth year the rugby’s anti-doping programme has made the findings of doping activity in England available.

Results presented 2 anti-doping rule violations in the professional game following 739 samples that were collected and tested. In the RFU illicit drugs programme, 332 tests were conducted with 4 violations to the policy. There was also a total number of 99 tests conducted in the community game with 3 anti-doping rule violations last season.

RFU Anti-Doping and Illicit Drugs Programme Manager Stephen Watkins commented “Whether it is deliberate doping or accidental ingestion, the threat to the game remains real. A proactive programme offers the best possible chance of keeping the sport of rugby union clean and fair, testing and educating players within both the professional and the community game.”

For more information on the report visit here.