IAAF upholds doping ban on Russia

IAAF upholds doping ban on Russia

The International Association of Athletics Federation have announced that they will continue to uphold the doping ban on Russian athletes until further notice.

The IAAF is the last of the high-profile international sports bodies to ban athletes from competing under the Russian flag since the doping scandal in 2015. However, many Russian athletes have been allowed to compete under a neutral banner.

Other sports governing bodies such as WADA and the IOC have lifted their suspensions on Russia. This is the 10th time the IAAF has turned down Russia’s appeal for reinstatement.

Rune Andersen, head of the doping task force for the International Association of Athletics Federations, said two outstanding issues remained -- the examination of data received from the Moscow anti-doping lab and the issue of outstanding costs being sought from Russia because of the scandal.

The doping ban will remain until samples and data from Moscow's former anti-doping laboratory are made available. 

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