The arbitrator dealt with the matter very well… he was extremely thorough and perceptive in his handling of the dispute."

Extremely professional, he (the mediator) has the ability to understand and communicate with all parties involved. It was refreshing to feel that someone could understand where I was coming from."

Consistently professional. Parties were kept informed of developments which is important."

For me it represents good value for money – both providing a level of transparency and independence and also minimising (NGB) involvement and time in the administrative process."

Very business like and efficient."

Good value when set against cost and time delays of litigation."

We were somewhat sceptical at the outset (about using Sport Resolutions) without having any real reason for such a view. Our scepticism was swiftly dispelled."

Happy with Sport Resolutions appointed Chair. You trade knowledge of your sport for their independence. It gave the hearing credibility in the eyes of the participants."

Very fair. Plenty of opportunity for appellant to put forward their case. Demonstrated clear understanding of the issue."